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Have an Unforgettable Travel to a Mysterious and Exotic Land of India

Going on a trip with Discovering India, be prepared for the most extraordinary metamorphosis of your perception of the world picture. These words can be confirmed by the impressions of a great number of travellers, from enthusiastic romantics to reserved sceptics. To the traditional Western view, India presents an unexpected angle, leaving an unforgettable memory of the opening. No matter which colours brighten the imagination and the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis fabulous country, your holidays in India will present many surprises. India Tours with Discovering India will surpass your wildest expectations and make you amaze.

This is the country, which cannot be grasped at one time, so the Trips to India are always attractive and appealing. The closer the look at the history, culture and traditions of India is, the more attractive this exotic country becomes. Sightseeing India travel should be performed regularly as pilgrimage. Unsolved Eastern tale lures and attracts over and over again. Forts, Kashmiri shawls, Bollywood, Golconda and luxury jewellery masterpieces, the Vedas and the "Mahabharata" - all this is India, and it is infinite.

India is the South Asia's largest state, much territory of which is situated in the Indian subcontinent, washed by the waters of the Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea. A significant part of the country is located in the Indo-Gangetic Plain. From the nearest neighbouring country of Sri Lanka, it is separated by Polksky Strait. On the form of government, India is a democratic republic. After China, India is second in the world's population rank and has more than a billion people. In addition, India is a multiethnic country, with old habits and traditions, many of which are respected to this day. When planning sightseeing tourism in India, you need to be at least a little familiar with the immutable rules of behaviour and living in this country, where people respect and honour the legacy of ancestors.

Venturing on the India tourism, you should be prepared to the fact that there you will discover a new world that have not even suspected. Ancient history and religion coexist with skyscrapers and technical innovations. Here you can see managers of IT companies hurrying on the streets and passing leisurely Brahmins, and rickshaws vying for space with the latest models of cars.

Discovering India offers you a wide variety of trips to India that will help you to discover this fabulous and wonderful country, the home of Yogi and curry. Depending on the aim of your visit to the country, whether it is a fantastic beach holiday on the beautiful island of Goa, or the desire to explore the cultural heritage of a country, history of which goes back tens of thousands of years, Discovering India can find exactly that kind of India tourism, which will take into account your wishes and meet all your expectations.

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